Back From The Dead


Yup, I’m back from the dead but not like a gross, brain eating zombie – more like a refreshed, happy, trail blazing, goal achieving wonder!

It’s been a wonderful and restful hiatus from all things writing and now it’s time to get back to it.

Two years ago I wrote a book about my addiction, the hell it took me into and the white-knuckling journey to get out, resurrect like a phoenix and come back to a place of hope. It’s been a hell of a ride my friends.

After writing my book and researching what it takes to get published I knew I had to create something called a ‘writer’s platform’. You see, the days of you sending a manuscript into a publishing house (pub house) and them doing all the work for you are long gone. It is now up to the writer to promote his/herself, create a website page, a Facebook page, a blog, a Twitter account and on top of that most pub houses require that you get ‘x’ amount of tweets, likes and followers before they’ll even look at your book. They need to know if you are marketable. Well dog gone if I didn’t go nuts with it all! Created this lovely website, went ballistic with the blogs and tweeted ’til I thought I could tweet no more and what did it get me? Burned out.

I was so done with everything that I didn’t even care if the book got published because frankly I couldn’t be bothered with it all; enter in my extended hiatus. Then recently my inner voice kept prompting me that I have something special in my book. Something that can really help people if I would only publish it. Being that it’s my life’s mission to use my story to help others, I hired a friend to self-publish it on Amazon for me and guess what?!? The book is going to be released very soon! I will ensure a link is posted to my website when it’s ready.  You may be wondering why I chose self-publishing vs. the pub houses.  Here’s why, pub houses take 90% of all proceeds.  Even the big names like Stephen King only get 15% of the sales and when you self publish, it is the exact opposite.  For every book I sell I will keep nearly 85% of the proceeds and have complete control over it all (that makes my inner control freak very happy:)).

Outside of getting off the drugs, this is the biggest and best thing that I have ever done.  I am over the moon with excitement and self-pride, but not in the egotistical way you might expect. I truly am not in this for the money (OK, well at least that’s not the only reason..:)). What excites me, is the thought of someone reading it, feeling inspired and telling others about it – telling them that there is still an author and person out there that truly cares about people, addicts and people in pain.

Yup, if there was every a time to celebrate recovery, my faith and even my addiction because it brought me to this place, it is now. Bring on the joy!

Love and hugs, Christine:)