DSC03214Hello friends, WELCOME to my site!  My mission with this website and with my life is to share hope, faith and inspiration through my life story.  I’ve overcome addiction in many forms; alcohol, a whole pile of party drugs but the worst of them all, the one that brought me to my knees in complete surrender was Crystal Meth.  I have written a book about it and it is my goal to go around the world with my voice and my story.

I have a natural gift of public speaking and writing; I want to use those talents to serve others. You see, no matter where I was in my life, I always had a heart for people and that’s why I wanted to start this website – not only to share ideas, life and to hear about yours too, but to give back in the community.  Pay it forward.

You will also begin to see and learn how much I care about each one of you. The whole reason I started the book and this site was with the intention to help others. I said to myself, ‘If this book can help even one person or save one life, then it will all be worth it.’

On a more fun and personal note, I love going for walks in nature and my hobbies include playing pool, travelling to new countries, having new adventures, reading, watching movies while spooning with my cat, Torie the No-torie-ous and going to the gun range. How’s that for a balanced lifestyle? 😉

Enough about me, let’s talk about life!

Love and hugs, Christine 🙂