Getting Older & Aging Gracefully

“Maybe the work of growing older is about finding your own song and singing it fearlessly, joyously; singing even when it seems no one is listening. And maybe aging doesn’t have to be about submitting grudgingly to loss, but rather about accepting and choosing life just as it is — and beating out a wild, heartfelt tune that acknowledges all of it, all the joys and pains and conflicts that are part of the human trip.”  ~ Katrina Kenison

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I have this great ability to enjoy stuff.  To revel in the beauty of a flower and all it’s intricate details, to sitting on a bench in front of the ocean and embracing the gentle nature of the waves and closing my eyes to allow my senses to be taken away by the sounds of nature.  Yes, it is truly in the simple things that I thrive.

I never feel more alive and free than when I am in nature.  I currently live in a big, bustling city that has construction, barricades and detours at every turn and as I get older and more wise, I am focused on eliminating all this empty, white noise and bustling and retreating to a place I can call peace.  A new place I can call home.  I have my sights set on British Columbia.  I was there recently and I have never felt more free.  Free to be me, free to release the inner hippie and free to let go of all the busyness, noise and the life I have so carefully created.

There’s something in the air in this place.  A magical, whimsical air that takes my breath away and my soul on a journey to a place I cannot feel, see or explain.  It’s a journey that comes from the depths, a journey that is tough to describe to you because it so very personal.  It can only be described as a gift; a gift I will give to myself once I am there.   A gift that will give all year ‘round because it will be everywhere I walk and everywhere I turn.  It’s the air there, the sound of the waves crashing in a winter storm, the sound of all the unique birds to that region, the seagulls constantly flying above reminding me of how close I am to the water, how close I am to the big crashing waves that can then turn into a mirror like calm – very similar to my own spirit and moods.  Crashing and tumultuous one minute and then as still as glass the next.  Assured and not questioning; knowing that I have made a choice for me, a choice that will blossom the next chapters of my life.

The years are rolling along and I feel such a need to not look back on my life with regrets.   I am afraid but I am also empowered because I am listening to the deepest parts of me, the parts that say, spread your wings, try something new and know that you are worth every great thing about to come your way.  It is  place of exuberance, excitement, peace and gratitude.  This is how I choose to live.  This is how I choose to age.

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