I want to start a HONESTY REVOLUTION!  Will you join me?

I want this revolution to be about truth, saying what I mean and meaning what I say.  I want it to be about having enough faith in myself, in others, in the fact that I have a voice for a reason and when I use that voice, it will be understood, accepted and that in using my voice for truth and standing up for what’s right & true that I’m doing the very best with what I have.  That exactly where I am is exactly where I’m meant to be.

honesty revolution

An interesting thing about this topic – I went to go find a picture for the blog as I always do and can you believe when I typed in ‘honesty revolution’ not one thing came up? Not one picture, no articles on it, just some meme’s making fun of Ms. Clinton with her Pinocchio nose.  Funny and odd all at once.  Why is no one talking about this??

I want this revolution to stem into all aspects of my life; work, family and with friends.  And when I find my mate, my perfectly imperfect match, boy you better believe we will have the best honesty of all.   The kind of honesty that says, you know what, I trust you enough that when you share with me your heart, your feelings, your hurts, your TRUTH, that you know and I know that we are both safe at the end of those conversations. I will have your back.  The kind of honesty that shatters all the games and manipulations that so many still try to play despite knowing how futile and empty it is.

I want the kind of revolution in my life that breaks down walls and provides a depth most won’t normally experience because they are too busy ‘protecting’ their partners feelings or feeling unsure if they can really be themselves and still be accepted.  Well gosh darn it!  Aren’t the people closest to us the people who we’re supposed to feel the best with? And yet, I observe so many couples that stand side-by-side feeling more alone than ever.  My heart bleeds with empathy and compassion over this.  I pray for couples like this and then I forge forth with a fierce determination that I will NOT have an empty love, marriage or legacy like that.

I said to one of my VIP’s recently that I would sooner feel a couple of minutes of pain from the truth then to be led on and ‘protected’ from the truth; fleeced for months or years in the name of sparing my feelings.  Withholding the truth hurts more than giving it to a person straight.  I mean how many times do we NOT say what we really mean?  I know couples that can’t even begin to share their hearts in full with the person they share a bed with or have friends that they could ‘never say that’ to, whatever ‘that’ is in the moment for fear of losing said friend.  I say screw it to all that.  I’m so done having to tip toe around the truth in order to save face.  All my relationships today are built on truth and I may not have a huge circle of friends, but I KNOW who my people are today.  They are tried, tested and true.  As loyal to me as I am to them.  They know that when I’m speaking to them that it’s truth.  It’s real.  It’s from the heart.

Lies are something that are discussed and justified all the time.  Are they justified? What do you think?

I think I’m gonna go ahead and turn this into a series.  A series that discusses what no one else is willing to talk about.  Lies and truth in the work place, lies and truth with our families, with our friends and with our partners.   More to come friends, stay tuned.

Love and snuggles, Christine 🙂